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Miriam by the Lake

Riho Unt
year: 2016
Running Time:
Stop-motion (animated objects, puppets, clay animation, etc.)
Short film made for kids
Kerdi Oengo
Kerdi Oengo
The program:


Miriam’s family is outing by the lake. After a long and tiring day the whole family is resting in the tent, only Hen can’t sleep. She goes out for a walk. She hears a lot of frigtning night sounds and sees eyes blinking in the dark. The Hen crabs the photocamera to make pictures about the monsters s

Director's BIO

15.05.1956 Education: 1979 - 1982 Estonian State Institute of Arts Department of Interior Designer (Diploma) Filmography: 2015 Animation : The Master“ (based on a short story "Popi and Huhuu" by Friedebert Tuglas) director, art director 2013 Animation: „Miriam`s Kite“ director 2012 Animation : „Happy Birthday“ author,director,art director 2008 Mixed animation :“Lili“ author,director,art director (with Elo Soode) 2007 Mixed animation : „Põhja Konn „ ( „North Dragon“ ) author (with Elvis Kollom) , director, art director (with Elo Soode) 2006 Animation: „Miriam merehädas“(„Miriam and the flood“) director 2006 Animation: „Miriami pesakast“ („Miriam`s nestbox“) director 2005 Animation: “Vennad karusüdamed”(“Brothers bearhearts”) author,director,art director 2002 Animation: “Pingviinide paraad” (“The Penguin Parade”)(with Julia Pihlak) author, director ,art director 2001 Animation: "Hing sees" ("Having Soul") author, director, art director 1999 Animation: "Saamuel Internetis" ("Samuel`s Internet") director, art director 1998 Animation: "Primavera" author, director, art director 1997 Animation: "Tagasi Euroopasse" ("Back to Europe") author, director, art director 1994 Animation: "Hilinenud Romanss" (" Twilight Romance") director and art director 1993 Animation: "Kapsapea" ("Cabbage Head") author, director, art director 1992 Feature film: "Lammas all, paremas nurgas" ("Lamb Down in the Right Corner") Art director 1991 Animation: "Koolilood" ("School Stories") author, director, art director 1990 Animation: " Jackpot" author, director and art director 1988 Animated Cartoon: "Kultuurimaja" ("Cultural House") author, director, art director 1987 Animation: "Sõda" ("The War") author, director and art director 1986 Animation: "Kevadine Kärbes" ("Fly in Spring") director and art director 1985 Animation: " Nõiutud Saar ("Bewitched Island") author, director and art director 1984 Animation: "Imeline Nääriöö" ("Magical New Years Eve") director and art director 1983 Animation: "Sõlm" ("Knot") art director