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Michel Platnic
year: 2017
Running Time:
Super short [about 1 min]
Michel Platnic
Michel Platnic
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Genesis short film draws inspiration from the biblical narrative of the creation of the world, as recounted in the Book of Genesis. Through pictorial, sculptural, theatrical and cinematographic means, the main and only character symbolically “recreates” day by day the act of creation. The empty spac

Director's BIO

Michel Platnic (1970), born in France, he moved to Israel at 28 where he found his artistic voice. He went on to study theatre, performance, martial arts, and dance. Realizing his inclination towards the Fine Arts, Platnic graduated in 2010 with honors in Fine Arts from the Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl Academic College in Israel. That very year, he received the Shpilman Grant for Excellence in Photography and was selected by Serge Tiroche for ST-ART, an incubator project for young artists. In 2013, he joined the Gordon Gallery in Tel-Aviv, one of the most established Galleries in Israel. In 2017, Platnic completed the prestigious Art and Media “Meisterschüler” program of the Universität der Künste (post-M.A.) in Berlin.

The creation of Platnic unfolds through multiple media including photography, video, performance, painting and the links that bring them closer together. Platnic has been creating illusionary worlds and letting the viewer become part of them. Immersion in these spaces is employed as a means of deconditioning. Observing and reenacting the rituals and symbols of power, Platnic tracks down the mechanisms that authority uses to submit, to condition and to create participants in its system. By laying out the conditions of aesthetic subversiveness (notably in his series of living paintings, with its formal work on the voluntary confusion of media), Platnic beckons us to take notice of the forces that tacitly and without our knowledge indenture us.